Building the Poor Man's IoT Presentation (+ inspiration for new posts)


Building the Poor Man's IoT Presentation (+ inspiration for new posts)

As you might remember, I ran a few posts covering Azure IoT Hub early this year:

Last Saturday, I did a talk on SQL Saturday in the Netherlands covering my experiences. If you're interested in my presentation, the slidedeck is on the SQLPass website now:

Also, I got some nice inspiration there for new posts and developments, of which I plan to blog soon. Something IoT-y and some other things about automated testing, deployments and CI:

  • A simplification of the Poor Man's IoT architecture by cutting out the Field Gateway, using a Raspberry Pi. Technically this is not that interesting (a Field Gateway w/ low-power, low-cost Arduino's is way more scalable), but for prototyping purposes it's way easier to use.
  • An extension of the Poor Man's IoT, by storing all details to a SQL Database, offering integration. This is not totally unlike a Lambda Architecture.
  • Describe Paul Mooij's contribution to my ideas about Automated Testing for the Data Warehouse. Basically: you not only need a 'clean' test environment, but also a production copy to ensure everything keeps running. Theoretical background is state (as in 'state machine') - where OO testers bring their environment in a specific state in order to check the outcome of an operation, we don't have that option on a production DWH: everything is state here. I need to draw this out some more (for example how to cope with bugfixes, for example) to see the practical implications, and how to work with it.
  • My early to automated build & deploy on a test server
  • My experiences improving that solution using VSTS (have to do that yet, hats off for Jens Vestergaard for figuring this out)

So, that's what's on my mind. Probably different blog posts will show up than I'm planning now, but maybe this is inspiration for you 🙂