Data Platform Development - the Git Way

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Data Platform Development - the Git Way

When moving from a traditional VCS (like TFVC/TFS, Subversion etc.) to Git, teams often encounter the same questions and difficulties. Last October, Koos van Strien shared some thoughts about using Git for your Data Platform development

The session is live recorded at Data Saturday Holland 2019. Koos covered some things you need to know about working with Git when you're working on data projects (like Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence or Data Engineering). It was a great honor to present there!

Screenshot of the Data Saturday schedule, highlighting Koos van Strien's "Git for BI & Data Platform" session

Subjects covered are:

  • Setting up repositories
    • Repository layout
    • Number of repositories
  • Practices for branching
    • Trunk-based development
    • Release Flow (the way Microsoft uses Git and release branches to do their own development)
  • Brave New World demo: Azure Data Factory v2
    • ADFv2 is a datawrangling product that's almost built around Git
  • Tips & tricks

Curious? You can watch the entire video below 👇

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