Slides of CI for BI session

Continuous X / SQL Server / SSAS / SSIS

Slides of CI for BI session

Tonight I presented a 1-hour session about applying Continuous Integration at the Microsoft Advanced Analytics User Group Belgium.

The session was an "espresso version" from the 2-day course, skipping things like Git, setting up VSTS build environments etc.

Great fun to be here, thanks for the invite!

The slides can be found have disappeared at

Want to learn more?

For a more in-depth look, I've created a course about setting up CI / CD using Azure DevOps in Microsoft BI environments. For more information about the course check:


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  1. Hendrik Groenewald

    Hi there Koos,

    All of the links in the article above don't exist anymore.

    Where would I be able to get the slide show information / course material around this.

    I am a Business Intelligence consultant who is very interested in how to provide better throughput for a team, within the current Microsoft stack of BI Tools ( MSSQL, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, Stored Procs et al )

    1. Hi Hendrik,

      Thanks for pointing out! I've updated the link to the training, but I don't have the slides any more. However, I'm preparing an easy way to set up your CI/CD environment in Azure DevOps (the successor of VSTS) for free. Users will get a pre-filled environment with example CI/CD pipelines, a guide about how Azure DevOps works, and references where to learn more.

      If you're interested, drop me a line at

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